LaTeX styles written by Hiroshi Nakashima

arydshln (v1.73) (zip:   dtx+ins+pdf=947912B,  gzip'ed tar:   sty+pdf=280627B)
array/tabular with dashed horizontal/vertical lines. Also archived in TeX CTAN.
hhdshln (v1.0) (zip'ed archive:   sty+txt+etc=9585B)
preliminary hack to make \hhline work with "arydshln".
jumoline (v1.2) (gzip'ed tar:   dtx+ins=22678B,   sty+dvi=70968B)
under/mid/overline for long Japanese text allowing line breaks.
umoline (v1.1) (gzip'ed tar:   dtx+ins=14033B,   sty+dvi=23534B)
under/mid/overline for long text allowing line breaks. Also archived in TeX CTAN.
yafoot (v1.0) (gzip'ed tar:   dtx+ins=17952B,   sty+dvi=31986B)
three styles for yet another footnotes. Also archived in TeX CTAN.
newvbtm (v1.0) (gzip'ed tar:   dtx+ins=13945B,   sty+dvi=23818B)
two styles to define your own verbatim-like environments. Also archived in TeX CTAN.
paracol (v1.32) (zip:   dtx+ins+pdf=883947B,  gzip'ed tar:   sty+pdf=631544B)
yet another multi-column style to typset multiple columns in parllel. Also archived in TeX CTAN.