OhHelp Library written by Hiroshi Nakashima

This page is for OhHelp library (Version 1.1.1) for scalabel domain-decomposed Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulations. The library has been developed aiming to help people struggling with parallel PIC simulations, and has helped several researchers in the PIC community. Therefore, the author believes the library is at a certain level of maturuity now so that the author determined to help users of the library as well. Please remember, however, the author will not always be available for you but will try to do his best to help you.
ohhelp-1.1.1.zip (zip archive: 2611740B)
Everything you need to have OhHelp.
README.txt (text: 1980B)
Very short description about the library.
ohhelp-man.pdf (PDF: 743031B)
Very long description about the library.

h.nakashima@DOMAIN;    DOMAIN=media.kyoto-u.ac.jp